Tso Slaving Grounds... In Acheron

Hearsay: A large group of tso (PSMCII), a breed of slavers and smugglers from the lawful planes, makes kip here. It's said that they bring all the slaves they gather on their own initiative to one place on the planes. This is that place, among the iron cubes of Acheron, littered with blood of their victims.

Description: Among Thuldanin, the second layer of Acheron, are the Tso Slaving Grounds. There are actually a good deal of these spread throughout Thuldanin; ex-prisoner Veri Xas (Pl/♂ githzerai/T4/Be/NG) claims to have been a prisoner and a laborer within at least four of them. He claims that his primary duties as a slave were to dig through the cubes. He also claims that it seemed like the tso were looking for something, though he wasn't too sure what.

He describes the Slaving Camps themselves as being built into hollowed out niches and recesses in the cubes. "Most of the buildings and facilities were inside the metallic cubes," he says. The tso prefer to work without the multiverse knowing what they are doing, but perhaps their secrecy has more to do with whatever they are searching for.
Inside the cubes and the tunnels, there is always a ratio of one tso to every five slaves. A slave revolt is just plain not possible due to the enchantments that the tso use to ensnare their prisoners. Then why the guard? Probably the tso don't like to leave their slaves unwatched, even if they are completely under magical control.

Special Features: Any berk who's a slave of the tso serves without question or complaint; they are completely enthralled with their masters. Starting a slave revolt just ain't possible here, berk.

Current Chant: Chant says that the tso will soon have to set up camp on a new set of cubes; they haven't yet found what they're looking for (if anything) on the cubes they've already staked out. It's said that a group of them are considering the Mines of Marsellin as the next place to visit, but the site's hazardous effects make these rumors difficult to believe at best.

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