Choices of One by Timothy Zhan

I enjoyed Choices of One more than Allegiance, it's predecessor. In fact I enjoyed it more than the past couple of FOTJ books. Perhaps all of them. Yes Zahn contradicted and kind of embellished some of Mara's abilities with the lightsaber but I could brush it off. I'm not married to the exactitude of the finer details of canon at the expense of a good story. Especially when it's Zahn. And this was a good story that was well executed. Sure, Mara could have used the lightaber less and I'd have been happier but this was one dense little pot boiler with a lot going on. I even appreciated how Luke wasn't the Force demigod that he is in most post ROTJ novels. He wasn't the centre of the novel at all. He was just where he would be at this point in the timeline. It was nice to see what will probably be the last of Luke portrayed as such an inexperienced novice. And I finally appreciated Han and Leia again! I mean I HATE them from LOTF on but this was classic Han, Chewie and Leia. Han was utterly indispensable in this book and his cockiness and insight weren't the rantings of an old man long past his prime. Next to Thrawn and maybe Mara Jade, Han is the most intelligent character in the book. He did stuff that mattered and didn't bore me. Who'd a thunk? The Thrawn stuff wasn't overly complicated. It was easy to figure out a few reveals but some still made their way to surprise me. All in all a great old fashioned Star Wars story that is leaps and bounds more interesting than Allegiance.

She's a great Lara...

Yeah...  When the idea is in the brain, it's hard to forget her... But not all the ideas are great... For sure.

Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary

 This is a thorough and comprehensive book with many many characters that are both integral, and non-integral, in addition to vehicles, apparatus, and weapons. My only complaint is that there is a separate section for each of the prequel movies, but only one lump section for the originals. This seems odd because the prequel movies are considered to be much worse that the originals. New Hope, Empire, and Return of the Jedi are classic movies, and it seems like each of those movies deserve a separate, in depth section. But, it is a fabulous book with large, full color photographs, and annotations about the culture, motivations, and details of the character. There are also many cutaway views of R2-D2, the stormtrooper's helmets, and even the sarlaac monster from Return! It is jam-packed with information to satisfy even the most voracious reader of Star Wars trivia (like me!)


Half of me (and the better half)

Her? she's my girl. I discover, at my old age, that I can't live without her. She's my light side, my sexy half, and yes, she stole my heart and also my gargantuan black dragon (because she love's him... choices...), but I forgive her, because she gave me half of her heart. Fair trade.

The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI)

I wish I understood why the 'Greedo Shot First' Scene bugs me so much. I can understand Lucas's desire to clean up that scene initially. The Greedo dummy they blew up looked like a dummy getting blown up. But using a different take and having Greedo shoot first and digitally moving Harrison Ford's head to avoid the laser shot looked even more rediculous.
The other issue I have is this even completely changed the character of Han Solo. If some has a gun to you and is announcing he's going to shoot you (this is called monologing by the way) which is any inteligent person's cue to defend yourself. From the original release, while Greedo is rambling on Han slowing unlatching his laser pistol and before Greedo even thinks of pulling the trigger, Han interupts him saying, "Yeah I bet you have" and shoots him on the spot.

I keep thinking Lucas changed this scene to give his kids a better hero that follows the code of fairness, but in real life anyone following that code is more than likely dead because bad guys don't play fair. Han Solo was a rogue and that's the character I grew up admiring. Shooting Greedo first didn't make him a villian, it was an example of what an inteligent person does when faced with life or death situations.

Anyhow that's my rant. I will not be purchasing the Complete Sage on Blu-ray till Lucas either releases the original series on Blu-ray or changes the scene back to Han shooting first. I can live with all the other added footage in the Special Editions, but that 'one scene' changes the entire series for me. Cleaning up the original scene wouldn't actually take that much effort as long as they hold true to the Han shooting first. Didn't the re-release of the original series on DVD demonstrate to at least one accountant under Lucas's employ that real Star Wars fans still love the classic films? So come on Mr. Lucas, tear down these walls and give us back our Han the way we remembered him!!!

Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber

The era of the Old Republic is a dark and dangerous time, as Jedi Knights valiantly battle the Sith Lords and their ruthless armies. But the Sith have disturbing plans—and none more so than the fulfillment of Darth Scabrous’s fanatical dream, which is about to become nightmarish reality. Unlike those other Jedi sidelined to the Agricultural Corps—young Jedi whose abilities have not proved up to snuff—Hestizo Trace possesses one extraordinary Force talent: a gift with plants. Suddenly her quiet existence among greenhouse and garden specimens is violently destroyed by the arrival of an emissary from Darth Scabrous. For the rare black orchid that she has nurtured and bonded with is the final ingredient in an ancient Sith formula that promises to grant Darth Scabrous his greatest desire.
But at the heart of the formula is a never-before-seen virus that’s worse than fatal—it doesn’t just kill, it transforms. Now the rotting, ravenous dead are rising, driven by a bloodthirsty hunger for all things living—and commanded by a Sith Master with an insatiable lust for power and the ultimate prize: immortality . . . no matter the cost.

Ok, this wasn't the best book I've ever read, not even the best zombie book I've ever read. But somehow the combination of Star Wars and Zombies works. If you like both genres you will probably enjoy this, although as a mostly post movie star wars fan, I didn't recognize any of the characters (I'm not sure if any are even in other books?) and for me part of the fun of Star Wars books is reconnecting with the characters I've fallen in love with.

D&D extreme combo!

Yeah right, it's only for bad bad bad warbands of adventurers, those who ruins the great adventures of their DM, who work tons of hours on that stuff! Beware, foolish! This is my next combo of villains for ya!

Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #4

Twenty-five years ago the survivors of the marooned Sith ship Omen bloodlessly conquered the native population of the remote planet Kesh, installing themselves as overlords and transforming the primitive Keshiri civilization into a new Sith society. Letting nothing stand in his way—including his own brother’s life—Omen commander-turned-Grand Lord Yaru Korsin has ruled unopposed ever since. But now his days, and those of the ruthless Sith order on Kesh, may be numbered.Revolt—and revenge—have been brewing in the hearts of the two women closest to Korsin. One is Adari Vaal, the once-outcast Keshiri who rescued the stranded Sith, aided their domination of Kesh, and now leads the secret resistance against them. The other is Seelah, wife of Korsin, widow of his murdered brother, and mastermind of the plot to assassinate the Grand Lord and seize power. But have the comforts of a king and his own arrogance blunted Korsin’s cunning Sith instincts? Or is he ready to deal swiftly and mercilessly with treachery from any quarter? Enemies themselves, Adari and Seelah are unaware of each other’s destiny-altering gambits. They only know that there can be no turning back—and no escaping the consequences if they fail.

After three mediocre attempts, Jackson finally delivers a decent story in this ongoing series. Savior is the first of the 4 Lost Tribe of the Sith short stories that engaged me as a reader. For the first time since I started this series, I actually want to know where it is going. It's clear Jackson does indeed have a story to tell, even though I still question if I care enough to wait for that story to be told. I am hopeful and optimistic that the rest of the series will live up to the initial hype and take us to that galaxy far, far away. Not great by any stretch of the imagination. But finally a start.


Always gorgeous, always smiling, this is Natali, great friend and a pleasure for the eyes!

Dead Gods

Dead Gods is an incredible adventure for the Planescape setting. The main adventure brings the characters into the plot slowly, but soon involves them in a epic storyline. The adventure develops slowly, and is done in segments, so that the DM can run other adventures in between. There is also a second adventure included in Dead Gods that is also broken into segments. The DM can intertwine these two for a really good storyline that should last many gaming sessions. Additionally, the adventure can be used as a follow-up to the product "The Great Modron March" for extra intrigue. It is a solid product with a good plot.

The Great Modron March

The Great Modron March is a well written set of adventures. The Modrons from Mechanus have started their march around the Outer Planes early, and this is used as the backdrop for several separate and distinct adventures. A few of the adventures are typical "defeat the evil guys" scenarios from other anthologies, but the Modron March allows for a new twist to them and also serves as the basis for some truly original ideas. The adventures are meant to be played in order, so they start with low-level adventures and build up to harder ones. Also, since it is an anthology, the DM can feel free to leave run other adventures between the scenarios without disrupting the plot. This is a must-have for any Planescape campaign, and can be used as the lead-in for another module, "Dead Gods."

Curb Your Enthusiasm, season 7

In some ways this season continues the slowing down of this entire concept...but when the Seinfeld reunion hits, the old Larry is jumpstarted and there are some truly classic scenes. The best of the best for me, as a huge fan of the finest writing on Seinfeld, mostly courtesy Larry and Jerry, are the scenes of them alone together, especially in the car, when you can see Larry come completely alive, his face glowing with real amusement and humor. That's the very essence of why Seinfeld was one of the ultimate comedy series: those two comic minds at play with each other. These guys are true friends, two peas in a pod, and you can see that with full transparency in their bits together here, the car scene above all; that feels like them at their very happiest. It's perfect karma to have a friend that inspires you like that.
Clearly, these two are the Lennon and McCartney of comedy.
Having said that, Lar reuses many many bits from earlier Curb seasons in season seven, whether as self-conscious homage/parody or sheer ennui is hard to say. Sometimes it works and sometimes it's flat, but then again the improv nature of this show means stale Curb is like fresh most any other comedy show. I did like him as a single guy here; more interaction with more people makes for more new jokes. When Cheryl comes back it's nice but Larry just isn't as funny with her around.
The early episodes here are good but the last few are much better, though all have their moments and even at its worst Curb is twice as funny as most other shows out there today. The Black Swan is a highlight, and it's nice in each episode to see Larry being ever more honest about himself, his tipping habits, his all-too-logical curmudgeonly ways, and even pushing the envelope with the rash thing. Most episodes still wrap up each disparate thread nicely, a la Seinfeld.
And the last episode is the real winner, as we get to see how Larry's life and the twin fictional lives of this LD and the Seinfeld universe intertwine. The self-referential Escheresque quality of the Curb Larry staging a Seinfeld reunion to get back his ex (who really did flee like Madoff with his money in real life), and how it all plays out with everyone acting not as themselves but LD's conception of them, is a mindgame of the highest order and quite brilliant in many ways, particularly the shot of LD and Cheryl watching George and his ex on tv. One can only marvel at how weird it must be to be Larry David, a malcontent billionaire comic that everyone loves for playing himself, but not quite, on tv.
It's not as good as the first few seasons of Curb, but when it's good it's great, and once again Larry David delivers the goods in that twisted way that only he can. We're gonna miss this guy when he's gone (word is he's got Groat's), so let's enjoy him while he's here.

The Yuuzhan Vong war

Star Wars Invasion is a five parts comic book setting in the New Jedi Order era, 25 years after the battle of Yavin, this is the Yuuzhan Vong who's depicted, and it's great! Written by Tom Taylor, who describe very cool plots and nice characters, and illustrated by Colin Wilson (SWLegacy). Great period, nice pictures and story, it's a good Star Wars sequence!

All Star wars !

It's weirdo!!! The wookie's is pretty awesome, and I can imagine a bunch of stormtroopers, just with that!


The Caprica pilot takes place 58 years before the Battlestar Galactica miniseries. It follows the lives of two families, the Graystones and the Adamas (the family of William Adama). A startling development occurs by the end of the pilot — the creation of the first cybernetic life-form node or "Cylon".
The Graystone family includes the father Daniel and mother Amanda, a computer scientist and surgeon respectively. When their daughter Zoe dies due to the religious fanaticism of her boyfriend, Ben Stark, her father manages to resurrect her — after a fashion. Already having acquired a digital clone of her personality developed by Zoe herself, he uses stolen technology to create a robotic version of his daughter, the first step towards creating the Cylon race.
The same terrorist attack claims the lives of Joseph Adama's wife Shannon and daughter Tamara. Together with Daniel Graystone he initially works on bringing back their children, but is appalled at his partner's methods and ethics. However, as a result of this tragedy, he grows closer to his eleven-year old son William.

Ordinary Dice Container

I'll never show you my personal dice container... This is it, in memory of a great french friend of me!

Drew... I'm in love!

Yeah boys, it's Drew with Juliette Lewis... No, it's not a dream! It was during a prom date for Whip it, excellent movie with rolla derby girls, camin' from the 80's! The movie is pretty cool, it's the first Drew movie and honestly, it's a great and nice job! During the night, she drummin' not so bad, JLewis sing, of course, it was a cool night!

Oldies SW photos!

Te wookie's family is my favorite! Great old shots from Star wars, a new hope, indubitably the best for the old sfx!

KOTOR [Knights Of The Old Republic]

(3,948 BBY) Zayne Carrick, a young Padawan training at the Jedi Academy on Taris is given one last chance at capturing a notorious Snivvian smuggler known as Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph which will allow him to be promoted to Jedi Knight at the academy graduation ceremony the very same day. After numerous hurdles along the way, Zayne manages to capture Gryph, but is late to the graduation ceremony. Upon arriving back at the academy, Zayne is horrified to find the Jedi Masters, his included, standing over the slain corpses of his fellow Padawans. Instinctively, he flees from the scene with Gryph and the two are soon framed for the murder of the Padawans. With no other option, Zayne must now learn the ins and outs of being an outlaw, with Gryph as his mentor, hoping to stay alive long enough to clear his name and discover the reason why the Jedi Masters murdered his friends at the academy.

Agents of Atlas

2009 is the year of the Dark Reign in the Marvel production, and it seems that few of the common heroes are ready to fight Osborn well-planned strike against the world. But all of his plans doesn't work well, and when he launch Hammer strike force against the Atlas fundation, he discover that the old heroes of the 50's are always here, ready to fight with their powers! This is Agents of Atlas, lead by Jimmy Woo and standing for fight against all of the new threat of this new era.

A Perfect Circle - Judith

Three days with Sara!!!

It was... not so painful that I think!!! lol!
It was great my little sis'! It was of this moments, so rare, those I keep in my heart, those who make me smile!
Happy travel in the US savage lands!!!


a great movie!!! I like the lights, the humour of Rorsharch, the plot under a classical adventure of masked ones! It was a great great movie!!!


This is the return of... I hope not the flagged one but of the Invaders!!! First superhuman team with the submariner, the original human torch, bucky and some others! They was active during the WW2, so... In which time they operate now??? Mystery!!!

The project is called "Avengers/Invaders," a twelve-issue limited-series, the project is the brainchild of Dynamite Entertainment owner Nick Barrucci and has been in development for over three years.

Masters of the universe

Yeah! He man!!! It's not a fake and apparently a real project for the next year, with John Glover and... Jessica Garner! The childhood of Adam and Grayskull, with the forging of the great swords and their fight for her!

Coraline trailer

inspired by a Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name, an interesting movie I guess, with less horror mode and more weirdy things! Let's try Coraline's movie!


This is my sweet Pinky, my young beauty and friend for three years now. For a couple of month, we are together, but we prefer to be friends. She's also an awesome elven druidess with a raven for companion! I kiss you my beauty!!!

An island with statues!!!

Nice journey on Chile's island!!! Three days only, but 72 hours of pure joy and discover!!! Great landscape, infortunately too many tourists and a rigorous watch from the UN and eco guardsmen, it's normal, and I hope that this watch serve for the next generations. Great travel!!!

This is my cat, Yaki... Yes, he prefer old games like MegTra and Gamma world!!!


It's just two days you gone, but you miss me my girl. You drink like ten french, you laugh like a man, but you're my best friend and I pray for you and your mum. Kiss from your nasty Mod'!!!