The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI)

I wish I understood why the 'Greedo Shot First' Scene bugs me so much. I can understand Lucas's desire to clean up that scene initially. The Greedo dummy they blew up looked like a dummy getting blown up. But using a different take and having Greedo shoot first and digitally moving Harrison Ford's head to avoid the laser shot looked even more rediculous.
The other issue I have is this even completely changed the character of Han Solo. If some has a gun to you and is announcing he's going to shoot you (this is called monologing by the way) which is any inteligent person's cue to defend yourself. From the original release, while Greedo is rambling on Han slowing unlatching his laser pistol and before Greedo even thinks of pulling the trigger, Han interupts him saying, "Yeah I bet you have" and shoots him on the spot.

I keep thinking Lucas changed this scene to give his kids a better hero that follows the code of fairness, but in real life anyone following that code is more than likely dead because bad guys don't play fair. Han Solo was a rogue and that's the character I grew up admiring. Shooting Greedo first didn't make him a villian, it was an example of what an inteligent person does when faced with life or death situations.

Anyhow that's my rant. I will not be purchasing the Complete Sage on Blu-ray till Lucas either releases the original series on Blu-ray or changes the scene back to Han shooting first. I can live with all the other added footage in the Special Editions, but that 'one scene' changes the entire series for me. Cleaning up the original scene wouldn't actually take that much effort as long as they hold true to the Han shooting first. Didn't the re-release of the original series on DVD demonstrate to at least one accountant under Lucas's employ that real Star Wars fans still love the classic films? So come on Mr. Lucas, tear down these walls and give us back our Han the way we remembered him!!!

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