An island with statues!!!

Nice journey on Chile's island!!! Three days only, but 72 hours of pure joy and discover!!! Great landscape, infortunately too many tourists and a rigorous watch from the UN and eco guardsmen, it's normal, and I hope that this watch serve for the next generations. Great travel!!!


Parangon said...

island with statues! excellent definition my boy!!!

Gabriel said...

don't move my friend, I think big stony guy looking at you!!!

elbereth said...

Helloooo !
Merci de ton passage et de tes encouragements.
Arf, Island... Maybe an marvelous country ! Je dis "maybe" because I don't know. And because I love speak franglish ! hihi

Aurélie said...

Ces photos sont superbes! J'espère avoir de tes nouvelles bientôt.
Je t'embrasse.