Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary

 This is a thorough and comprehensive book with many many characters that are both integral, and non-integral, in addition to vehicles, apparatus, and weapons. My only complaint is that there is a separate section for each of the prequel movies, but only one lump section for the originals. This seems odd because the prequel movies are considered to be much worse that the originals. New Hope, Empire, and Return of the Jedi are classic movies, and it seems like each of those movies deserve a separate, in depth section. But, it is a fabulous book with large, full color photographs, and annotations about the culture, motivations, and details of the character. There are also many cutaway views of R2-D2, the stormtrooper's helmets, and even the sarlaac monster from Return! It is jam-packed with information to satisfy even the most voracious reader of Star Wars trivia (like me!)


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