Curb Your Enthusiasm, season 7

In some ways this season continues the slowing down of this entire concept...but when the Seinfeld reunion hits, the old Larry is jumpstarted and there are some truly classic scenes. The best of the best for me, as a huge fan of the finest writing on Seinfeld, mostly courtesy Larry and Jerry, are the scenes of them alone together, especially in the car, when you can see Larry come completely alive, his face glowing with real amusement and humor. That's the very essence of why Seinfeld was one of the ultimate comedy series: those two comic minds at play with each other. These guys are true friends, two peas in a pod, and you can see that with full transparency in their bits together here, the car scene above all; that feels like them at their very happiest. It's perfect karma to have a friend that inspires you like that.
Clearly, these two are the Lennon and McCartney of comedy.
Having said that, Lar reuses many many bits from earlier Curb seasons in season seven, whether as self-conscious homage/parody or sheer ennui is hard to say. Sometimes it works and sometimes it's flat, but then again the improv nature of this show means stale Curb is like fresh most any other comedy show. I did like him as a single guy here; more interaction with more people makes for more new jokes. When Cheryl comes back it's nice but Larry just isn't as funny with her around.
The early episodes here are good but the last few are much better, though all have their moments and even at its worst Curb is twice as funny as most other shows out there today. The Black Swan is a highlight, and it's nice in each episode to see Larry being ever more honest about himself, his tipping habits, his all-too-logical curmudgeonly ways, and even pushing the envelope with the rash thing. Most episodes still wrap up each disparate thread nicely, a la Seinfeld.
And the last episode is the real winner, as we get to see how Larry's life and the twin fictional lives of this LD and the Seinfeld universe intertwine. The self-referential Escheresque quality of the Curb Larry staging a Seinfeld reunion to get back his ex (who really did flee like Madoff with his money in real life), and how it all plays out with everyone acting not as themselves but LD's conception of them, is a mindgame of the highest order and quite brilliant in many ways, particularly the shot of LD and Cheryl watching George and his ex on tv. One can only marvel at how weird it must be to be Larry David, a malcontent billionaire comic that everyone loves for playing himself, but not quite, on tv.
It's not as good as the first few seasons of Curb, but when it's good it's great, and once again Larry David delivers the goods in that twisted way that only he can. We're gonna miss this guy when he's gone (word is he's got Groat's), so let's enjoy him while he's here.


Loren said...

excellent tv show, but I don't follow that so long!

Parangon said...

As it has been with each season, some episodes are better than others. I don't like it when I can see how Larry has used a simple formula for instant laughs instead of coming up with a truly funny idea (another argument, for example, is not funny any more after 7 seasons, just a cheap trick). But when there's a really funny idea for the plot, as there is in most of these episodes, I love it. I love Larry David and this show. My greatest escape for a laugh when I need it. Thank you Larry!

The Ragnarok said...

nice tv show, like shit my dad says, more recently and with William Shatner man!


a nice tv show, with pretty good humor!